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About Sonoma Wine Rides -- Wine Country Sonoma Wine Tours

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Sonoma Wine Rides Private Tour and Join in Group Tour Vehicle
The Sonoma Wine Rides Bus

Christine and Jason the owners and founders of Sonoma Wine Rides were both born and raised in Sonoma County. They both caught the travel bug a young age. Each of their parents encouraged their passion for travel. In 2019 we became an operation transit company and we started offering our Sonoma Wine Tours.

Prior to starting Sonoma Wine Rides Jason and Christine would visit countries around the world. One of their favorite things to do during their travels is to experience excursions at each destination. Joining a small intimate group, learning about the local history is the best way to create lifelong memories.

Jason spent most of his adult life working in the insurance industry handling auto claims. Too many times he would investigate a car accident where someone was not responsible and they would get behind the steering wheel after consuming too much. When Jason and Christine started to discuss options for Jason once his insurance career ended, the idea of providing Sonoma Wine Tours seemed like a no brainer

Living in Sonoma County it is difficult not to become engrossed in the wine culture. The wine industry accounts for nearly two-thirds of the counties gross product. We miss the days when wine tastings were complimentary and wineries would provide samples to encourage their visitors to purchase wine. That business model is obviously no longer a viable option. The wineries have created so many different tasting experiences.

When we created Sonoma Wine Rides, our mission was to share our passion for Sonoma County, wine and travel with our guests and create the best Sonoma Wine Tours possible. We offer private tours that can be customized to create the perfect experience for your group. You can also join our Sonoma County Wine Tasting Tour, this is a join in tour. The perfect way to experience Sonoma County Wine Country and since this is a join in tour you will more than likely meet some really awesome people and make new friends. We select three wineries for you to experience the wine -- we pick you up and drop you off and we provide a charcuterie style lunch

The charcuterie is included in the Sonoma County wine Tasting Tour and can be purchased as an add on to a Private Tour
Our Charcuterie

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully impart a little knowledge, have some fun. We do not take ourselves too seriously. We hope to discuss Sonoma County, our wine tours, travel. varietals, wine regions. Join us on one of our Sonoma Wine Tours.


Owners and founders of Sonoma Wine Ride based out of Santa Rosa California in Sonoma County
Jason and Christine

Havest image from Sonoma County wine Tasting tour
Sonoma County Grapes


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