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Thank you for Booking your tour with Sonoma Wine Rides.  We appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you.  You have the option of selecting your own itinerary and we can absolutely work with your own winery selections.  

On this page are the wineries that we work with on a regular basis.   

We work with these wineries on a regular basis, but that does not mean they will be available on the date you have selected.  Once you have selected your preferred wineries, we will make contact with each facility and start making reservations for you.

Sonoma Valley

St Anne's Crossing is part of the Wilson Artisan Wines.

They always have a well rounded flight of five wines for their tasting experience (will often get an additional pour or two) this is a Zinfandel dominant winery with some of our favorite wines.

They can accommodate groups up to 14 guests, but would prefer to be the first stop of the day if you have a large group.

They also allow outside food at this facility.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

Benziger Family Winery has multiple tour options.   Check out their website for options.  At the bar tasting does not require a reservation for groups of 8 or less but they are on a first come first serve basis. They will do a seated tasting for a larger group, this will require pre payment and you will need to make the reservations.  This is a popular location.  This is a sister property with Imagery Estate Winery

They can accommodate groups of up to 14

Outside Food is Not permitted

Tasting/Tour options Start at $25.00/pp

Chris Loxton is an Austrailian wine maker.  We often will get to meet Chris and spend a little time with him during the tasting experience.  This is a small production winery.  They grow half of their fruit on the property and source other fruit through long term contracts. This is a great place to visit during the harvest (September/October) to see the initial stages of the wine making process.

 A well balanced tasting flight is offered

Groups need to be 10 or less at this facility.

Food is not permitted during tasting. 

$20.00/pp Tasting Fee

Another one of our Sonoma Valley Favorites.  There are a lot of options at this location.  For groups of 8 our less you can do a bar tasting without reservation.

There are several tour options that require a minimum of 10 guests

Tour and tasting options range from $20.00/pp to $100.00/pp.  Review the website.  Experiences that require pre payment will require you to make the reservations. 

Buena Vista Winery

While technically not in the Sonoma Valley, Buena Vista is in the city of Sonoma.  They are a historical winery and could be a good option

They can accommodate groups up to 14 guests, they may require pre payment of tasting fees and if they do, you will need to make the reservations

Tasting Fees Start at $25.00/pp

One of our favorite tasting rooms in Kenwood in the heart of Sonoma Valley specializing in Italian varietals.  Sangiovese, Barbera along with some amazing red blends.  Tasting flights change on a regular basis, but our guests are never disappointed.

This winery can accommodate groups up to 14.

Outside food is permitted at this facility.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

This is an absolute stunning venue.  Tasting options start with a standing experience at the bar to a seated experience.

You will need to make the reservations at this facility and they will require pre payment.

They have accommodated groups of up to 14 in the past.

Tasting Experiences start at $40.00/pp

Outside food is not permitted, there is a deli on property.  Contact winery as they may require a seated tasting experience to have food on property.

This winery does not give the option of waiving tasting fees if you make purchases or join their  wine club.

Imagery Estate Winery is a sister property to Benziger Family Wines.  This facility has bar tasting, seated tasting, and tour options, and picnic tables for bottle "self-service" up to 8 guests

Tasting fees start at $25/pp and go up from there.

We do not believe outside food is allowed, except for possibly the picnic self service on lawn.

Tour options will require pre-payment and you will need to make those reservations

Green Fields

Russian River Valley

Russian River Vineyards is our favorite third stop of the day.  It potentially can work with Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Valley too.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday they have live music.  

You also have the option of doing a standard flight of tasting.  Any wine that on their tasting flight can be purchased by the glass.  You can also elect bottle service and purchase bottles.

This winery also has several local craft beers for sale for those who may wish to pivot from wine consumption to hops

Outside food is not permitted here, they also have a kitchen with a good selection of boards available, sandwiches, salads and focaccia pizza options.

They can easily accommodate groups of 14 (They prefer bottle service, or wine by the glass or beer purchases with max sized groups)

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

We love the atmosphere at Furthermore Wines.  This is another Pinot Noir and Chardonnay house.  

They have two tasting flight options, but the last 2-3 wines the flights converge to be the same.

This winery can accommodate groups up to 8 at this time.  Hopefully in the future they will be able to accommodate larger groups.

Outside food is permitted at this facility.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is what La Crema is known for.  You will not be disappointed.  This facility is also included in the Food and Wine pairing tour with Kendall-Jackson 

Seated tasting experience has a maximum of 10 guests

Tasting Experiences start at $30.00/pp

Outside food is permitted if you elect to do picnic tables and bottle service -- 10 guests maximum

We can do Napa Too

We have no set wineries, but are willing to work with your itinerary in the Napa Valley

The Dutton Family has a long history of farming in Sonoma County.  In the Russian River Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the prominent varietals.  Dutton Estate is no different.  While their tasting flight does change periodically the focus will always be on Pinot and Chard.

They can accommodate groups of up to 10.  Possibly up to 14 if we book far enough in advance.

Outside Food is Not permitted

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

Matrix is right at the border of the Russian River Valley and the Dry Creek Valley.  This is another winery that belongs to the Wilson Artisan Wine Family

This is a Pinot Noir house, but will have a Zinfandel or two and possibly another varietal or two

Saturdays they like to stay under 8 guests.  It never hurts to ask if they can accommodate more.

Outside Food is permitted.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

The Kendall-Jackson Estate is absolutely gorgeous.  The service is amazing.  Their normal tasting flight is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 

They can accommodate large groups, up to 14 guests.

The tasting flight is $20.00/pp

Kendall Jackson will allow outside food at thier picnic tables, but only bottle service is offered at the picnic tables, not a seated tasting.

We also offer a Food and Wine Pairing tour option that includes La Crema Winery--  See website if you are interested in that option (page is under devolopment)

Mix and Match your Valleys

The Russian River Valley can be paired with either the Dry Creek Valley or the Sonoma Valley very easily.  Dry Creek Valley boarders the Russian River Valley and the Sonoma Valley is a 30ish minute drive

Green Fields

Dry Creek Valley

Mazocco-Sonoma is another Winery that is part of the Wilson Artisan Wine Family.  This very well could be our favorite Zin house in Sonoma County.  

This winery would prefer to keep the guest count 10 or below, but once again, it does not hurt to ask if they can accommodate a larger group.  They will charge a higher per person price.  They are also working on some elevated experiences

They also allow outside food at this facility.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee 1-9 Guests

$35.00/pp Tasting fee 10+

The namesake of the Wilson Family Artisan Wines.  In the heart of Dry Creek Valley.  Gorgeous vineyard views as you  enjoy your tasting flight.

This winery can accommodate groups up to 8 at this time.  We can always ask if they are able to accommodate a larger group

Outside food is permitted at this facility.

$25.00/pp Tasting Fee

Visiting three wineries during the day will be a lot of wine.  Food is very important aspect during the day. 


You can bring your own food, and elect a winery to enjoy it at that does allow outside food.

You can purchase your own individual Charcuterie that we create for $15.00/pp and we can enjoy at a winery that will allow outside food.

You can visit two wineries and stop at a restaurant between the two wineries and we are happy to make restaurant recommendations.

Lastly you can visit a winery that will provide food for you.

We would prefer that food was not consumed in our vehicle

Gorgeous Views at Armida.

They would prefer that you pre pay for the tasting experience, and will credit money back to card if wine is purchased or wine club is joined.  We can set the reservation, we will give the winery your contact information and they will email you a link for you to pre pay the tasting fees for your group.

They can accommodate groups of up to 14

Outside Food is Not permitted

$20.00/pp Tasting Fee

If you select three Wilson Artisan Wineries to visit for your day AND you join the wine club at the first winery of the day, your tasting fees will be covered (for up to four guests)  You can also purchase two bottles at each of the Wilson Artisan Wineries and that will also waive a single tasting fee.

There are also several other Wilson Properties in the area

Delormier Winery

Soda Rock Winery

Pezzi King

Tasting Rooms in Healdsburg

Pezzi King

Rockpile Vineyards

Soda Rock

Wine Barrels

Lets Talk

Lets make choosing your wineries easy

Once you have your wineries selected you can either send us an email to the link below with a list of preferred wineries (Either your own wineries or the ones from our list), or you can book a 30 minute consultation by clicking on the Book Consultation Button below

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